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Electromagnetic pelvic floor training

Electromagnetic pelvic floor training of the highest quality

The PelviPower™ system offers an innovative training method for strengthening the deep muscles of the pelvic floor. Using magnetic field technology, PelviPower™ enables effective and noticeable muscle contractions that can be performed in a comfortable and non-invasive session of 15-20 minutes. The areas of application are diverse and include improvements in incontinence, back pain, as well as specific training support for young mothers and athletes. This technology aims to improve the quality of life through a strengthened core muscle system and thus actively supports the health and well-being of users.

Magnetic field technology
Wide range of applications

This targeted and pain-free treatment only takes a few minutes per session and is therefore ideal for the modern, time-conscious person.

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PelviPower™ uses magnetic field therapy to effectively strengthen the pelvic floor and offers solutions for various health needs:


By strengthening the pelvic floor, PelviPower™ can help with both stress and urge incontinence, leading to an improved quality of life.

After pregnancy

Training with PelviPower™ helps new mothers to rebuild their pelvic floor muscles, which is particularly important after giving birth.

Back pain

A strong pelvic floor supports better posture and can help to alleviate back pain.

Sports performance

Athletes can benefit from a strengthened pelvic floor, which improves core stability and enhances overall performance.

Vital core

PelviPower improves blood circulation in the genital area and ensures a vital centre of the body.

Promotion of cell functions

The aim of the application is to support the efficiency of the body's cells in absorbing nutrients and removing metabolic products. It can also lead to improved oxygen uptake and utilization in the tissue, which can promote general cell function.

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What is PelviPower™?

PelviPower™ was developed by experts and represents the most advanced method for improving incontinence problems and supporting recovery after pregnancy. It addresses a widespread concern that almost half of all women will encounter at some point in their lives: weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. Especially after childbirth, during the menopause or in old age, many women report difficulties due to weakened pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to stress incontinence or sexual dysfunction. PelviPower™ intervenes precisely here by using targeted energy to strengthen the pelvic floor. Electromagnetic waves are sent through the abdomen, causing supramaximal muscle contractions. This enables 100% training of the muscle, which goes far beyond what can be achieved with conventional exercises such as maximum Kegel exercises. Strengthened pelvic floor muscles not only improve the protection of the internal organs through easy lifting, but can also significantly help with stress incontinence, which is often caused by a weakened pelvic floor. Using PelviPower™ also strengthens the lower back and abdominal muscles, which leads to comprehensive strengthening, noticeably alleviates existing incontinence and prevents bladder weakness.

How does the application work?

The PelviPower™ treatment is based on electromagnetic waves that are emitted from the treatment chair to the client’s tissue and muscles in order to generate muscle contractions and thus stimulate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This results in improved bladder control due to the strengthened pelvic floor muscles. This improves bladder control by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

How often should VITUS Core Cooling® be used?

A duration of 2 minutes is recommended for sporting activities. For pain, doctors recommend 5×2 minutes.

Who is the application suitable for?

PelviPower™ is suitable for any woman or man who wants to address their incontinence, regardless of age. Although men are generally less affected by incontinence, PelviPower™ can also be of interest to the male sex.

How long does a PelviPower™ treatment last and how many sessions are necessary?

A session with PelviPower™ lasts around 15-22 minutes. The number of sessions required is determined individually according to the client’s needs and wishes during a consultation.

Does anything need to be taken into account during use?

No, during the application the customer can sit back and relax or read. Due to the electromagnetic waves, electronic devices such as cell phones or tablets should not be used during the application.

What should I bear in mind after using PelviPower™?

No downtime is expected after treatment with PelviPower™. The non-invasive application is performed without anaesthesia and using the walk-in walk-out procedure directly in the practice, so that customers can go about their daily activities immediately afterwards without having to take any special precautions.

Is a PelviPower™ application only for women?

No, the application is equally beneficial for men and women.

What does a PelviPower™ application cost?

An application with PelviPower™ costs between €70-150, depending on the studio. The individual number of applications required to achieve the desired result is determined by the treating specialist.

Is the application covered by health insurance?

No, the costs of the PelviPower treatment are not covered by statutory health insurance companies. The treatment is a self-payment service. In individual cases, private health insurance companies will cover the treatment costs.

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