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Binaural vibroacoustics

The Gharieni VIBROACUSTIC systems are used worldwide in the most exclusive wellness centres, clinical health facilities, behavioural psychology clinics, therapy and rehabilitation centres and allopathic hospitals.

It is a stand-alone treatment that uses natural vibrations and binaural sounds to fully synchronise body and mind.

This combination of mental and physical stimulation is a powerful and effective tool for changing neural pathways and developing healthy behaviours.

It has been proven that vibroacoustic application can reduce anxiety, sleep disorders, addiction and stress symptoms.

Binaural vibroacoustics
Broad application
Patented technology

Non-invasive and natural solutions

Our VIBROACUSTIC systems offer a non-invasive approach that delivers reliable and favourable results without the need for medication, supplements, mechanical aids or electrical stimuli.

Patented sound technology

The systems utilises patented technology that releases specific sound frequencies that penetrate the entire body. In addition, synchronised binaural sounds and music, sometimes accompanied by guided meditation, guide brainwave patterns into a state of relaxation, meditation, deep sleep and increased mental focus.

Synchronized sounds and meditation

In addition, synchronized binaural sounds and music, sometimes accompanied by a guided meditation, guide the brainwave patterns into a state of relaxation, meditation, deep sleep and increased mental concentration.

More mental and physical well-being with ease

Brain waves

The human brain is a remarkable organ, home to around 100 billion neurons that communicate with each other through electrical signals. Despite its tiny size, science and technology are not yet advanced enough to record the activity of individual neurons in detail. However, existing technology allows scientists to observe general patterns of brain activity that provide insight into how the neurons in the brain are working at any given time. This collective brain activity has a rhythm comparable to that of the heart.

These impulses, known as brain waves, occur at different speeds, which indicate different mental states: In deep sleep, for example, the brain pulses about three times per second, while during intense concentration it can pulse up to 50 times per second. Different brainwave frequencies are associated with different “states of mind”. All programs have been designed to stimulate different states, ranging from activation and relaxation to meditation and sleep.

Individual programs for your health

The sleep and power nap programmes are programmes at the deep delta level. This helps the brain to switch off the mind and enter a deep delta sleep. All programmes use audio vibrations or sine waves embedded in a multi-layered sound technology called Quantum Harmonics. These sound frequencies are precisely synchronised by the human brain between the left and right hemispheres. The hemispheric synchronisation leads to a calming of the mind and enables deep relaxation, meditation and dreamless sleep. Through repeated use, this entrainment enables a process that creates new neural pathways that can bring about lifelong behavioural changes.

Innovation for your facility

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What is binaural vibroacoustics?

Binaural vibroacoustics is a technique that uses sounds or frequencies to create physiological and psychological effects in the body by playing them through vibrating speakers.

How does binaural vibroacoustics work?

It uses two different frequencies for each ear that work together to create a third “binaural” frequency in the brain.

What benefits does it offer?

Binaural vibroacoustics can reduce stress, promote sleep, relieve pain and improve mental clarity.

Is there scientific evidence for their effectiveness?

Some studies show positive effects on relaxation and pain management, but more research is needed to draw comprehensive conclusions.

Who can benefit from binaural vibroacoustics?

People with stress, sleep problems, chronic pain or those seeking general relaxation.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, binaural vibroacoustics is considered safe for most people, but should be used with caution in cases of epilepsy or severe mental disorders.

How is it used?

Using special headphones or audio devices that emit different frequencies for each ear.

Can you use binaural vibroacoustics at home?

Yes, with suitable audio recordings and headphones, the technology can also be used at home.

What makes it different from other sound therapies?

The main difference lies in the use of the interaction of two different frequencies to achieve an effect in the brain.

Where can I find reliable information and products?

Information and products on binaural vibroacoustics can be found on specialist websites, in specialist literature and from specialised providers in the field of sound therapy.

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