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Frequency-Ultrasound Application

The wellness and well-being application with three patents. 35 years of research have been put into one device to create an effective application with frequency ultrasound.

The device combines medicine, therapy and aesthetics in a single product and was developed for quick and lasting results in a variety of specialties.

Ultrasound application
Up to 5 technologies in one device

Stimulation of the lymphatic system

The frequency ultrasound application helps to strengthen the immune system, promotes purification and detoxification of the tissue and serves to increase general well-being.

Neuromuscular stimulation

Activates muscle fibres, can positively influence power and performance and promotes accelerated muscular recovery.

The modern way to reduce girth

This uses frequencies in combination with ultrasound to heat fat cells and cause them to burst. This process is called cavitation. The destroyed fat cells are then naturally broken down and eliminated by the body.

Dr. Helmut Kittler on the use of high-frequency ultrasound

What our frequency ultrasound application is used for:

Frequency Ultrasound Application is a breakthrough technology that stimulates the lymphatic and neuromuscular systems through the use of high frequency ultrasound waves.

This activation can bring several health benefits, including stimulated lymphatic circulation, which improves metabolism and aids in the removal of toxins. In addition, the application can strengthen muscles and improve muscle tone, which can be particularly beneficial for sports injuries, back pain or urinary incontinence.

With this advanced method, your clients can enjoy glowing beauty, firmer skin and an increased sense of vitality.

Beauty und Anti-Aging

Beauty booster with anti-aging effect as a possible consequence


Tighter and slimmer body sensation after treatment

Tissue tightening of face and body

Positive stimulation of the tissues of the face and body can cause tissue tightening

Development of deep muscles

Neuromuscular stimulation can promote muscle development in therapy and prophylaxis

High-frequency ultrasound application creates a revolution in the wellness and beauty industry

Thanks to its unique technology, high-frequency ultrasound can be used in many areas of the wellness and beauty industry.

Whether for circumference reduction, stimulation of the lymphatic system or in helping to build up deep muscles – the range of applications seems endless.

How they benefit from high frequency ultrasound application

Innovation for your facility

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What is high frequency ultrasound?

High-frequency ultrasound is an innovative technology that is becoming increasingly important in the medical and aesthetic fields. This non-invasive treatment uses high frequency ultrasound waves to target and stimulate deep layers of tissue. This article takes a closer look at how high-frequency ultrasound works, its many applications and the scientific evidence that supports its effectiveness.

High frequency ultrasound is a modern technology that uses high energy ultrasound waves to target and penetrate deeper layers of tissue. Unlike conventional ultrasound machines used for imaging, high-frequency ultrasound machines produce sound waves with a higher frequency and energy that result in targeted stimulation of the tissue.

How does high-frequency ultrasound work?

During a high-frequency ultrasound treatment, ultrasound waves with a high frequency are directed at the areas to be treated. These sound waves generate targeted heat in the tissue layers, which triggers new collagen formation and the activation of collagen fibres. This improves and tightens the skin structure while the surrounding tissue remains untouched.

Areas of application of high-frequency ultrasound

Skin tightening and anti-ageing: High frequency ultrasound is used for non-surgical skin tightening to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen production and improve skin texture.

Body contouring: in aesthetic medicine, high frequency ultrasound can be used to contour and reduce fat in specific areas of the body.

Fat deposits: For medical purposes, high-frequency ultrasound can be used for certain conditions such as fat growths (lipomas) and fat tissue proliferation (lipomatosis).

Is radiofrequency ultrasound safe and effective?

Yes, high-frequency ultrasound is considered a safe and effective method for skin tightening and body contouring. Clinical studies have shown the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.

How long does a treatment session last?

The duration of a high-frequency ultrasound treatment can vary depending on the areas to be treated and usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

Are the results long term?

The results of radiofrequency ultrasound treatment can be long-lasting, provided that a healthy lifestyle is maintained. However, the stimulation of collagen production may diminish over time, so occasional booster treatments may be recommended.

Are there any side effects?

High-frequency ultrasound is usually well tolerated and has only mild side effects such as redness, slight swelling or temporary sensitivity. These side effects are usually short-lived and disappear spontaneously.

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