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Ice bath 2.0

Our Ice Bath 2.0 turns the world of cold therapy on its head, offering all the benefits of ice bathing – without getting wet.

The body is enveloped by a patented membrane, but remains dry. This method offers a safe and non-invasive form of cold therapy at temperatures of 4 to 6 degrees. It is an accessible alternative to traditional cold therapy methods such as ice baths, while providing the same positive effects for the body. Combined with the increasingly popular Dry Floating, our Ice Bath 2.0 offers the perfect application for any facility – gym, wellness, spa or practice.

Ice bath alternative
Optimal regeneration

A look into the world of cryotherapy

In the ever-evolving landscape of health and wellness tourism, cryotherapy has become a remarkable and progressive practice. In this regard, our ice bath couch represents an innovative technology that takes the possibilities of cold exposure and well-being to a new level.

Simple and safe

The moment the ice bath bed is installed and plugged in, the system supplied cools the water down to an operating temperature of 4-6 degrees Celsius. From this point on, the product is ready for use. In addition, it is characterised by very low energy consumption and is accordingly also exciting from a sustainability point of view.

Touchscreen display

The convenient touch screen display allows you to select the treatment duration and start the session. The electronic platform lowers the body into a dry floating state and enables a comfortable treatment. Thanks to the touch screen display, the treatment can be interrupted at any time and completely autonomously.

Patented membrane for an optimized ice bath

The membrane with its double edge and serrated strand guarantees such a heat exchange and immersion effect. In this way, the membrane offers the same advantages as nitrogen cryotherapy and immersion in cold water. Thus, the benefits of cold therapy can be fully utilised. At the same time, the dry application ensures greater versatility and significantly reduces the risks associated with the application.

Innovation for your facility

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What are ice baths?

Ice baths are practices where people immerse or bathe in ice-cold water for health benefits or to expose themselves to a special experience.

What health benefits are associated with ice baths?

Ice baths can help strengthen the immune system, improve circulation, relieve inflammation, improve mood and increase resistance to stress.

How do ice baths work?

Ice baths cause the body to react to cold, causing the heart to beat faster, blood flow to increase and the body to try to generate heat. This can trigger various positive effects.

What are the risks of ice baths?

People with certain health conditions such as heart problems, low blood pressure or cold intolerance should be careful or avoid ice baths. Safety measures such as gradual habituation and observation are important.

How often should you take ice baths?

The frequency of ice baths can vary depending on individual goals and tolerance. Some people practice them daily, while others enjoy them less often.

Are there alternatives to natural waters for ice baths?

Yes, there are electric cold chambers that provide a controlled environment for cold exposure. These chambers allow for precise temperature settings and shorter exposure times.

Are ice baths suitable for everyone?

Ice baths are not suitable for everyone. People with certain health concerns should consult their doctor beforehand. It is important to pay attention to your own body’s reaction.

How long should you stay in an ice bath?

The duration can vary, typically starting with a few seconds to a few minutes. It is important to pay attention to personal tolerance and the body’s response.

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