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Back therapy system

Unique and pioneering in the treatment of back pain. Our back therapy system combines four effective methods in one device: electronic muscle stimulation (EMS), pain relief with TENS and soothing heat combined with deep massage.

This holistic concept not only addresses symptoms, but also tackles the cause directly. Experience therapeutic efficiency at the touch of a button with our back therapy system.

Effective back training
Electronic muscle stimulation (EMS)
TENS and heat technology

4-in-1 application

Four proven methods against back pain in one system

Ergonomic reclining position

The ergonomic lying position ensures a maximally effective training experience

Smart System

Get therapeutic expertise at the touch of a button

Back training in perfect shape

Back pain is a dominant issue in our society. Treating them usually involves a great deal of time and physical effort. The treatment chain is confusing and patients are passed around.
Take the complications out of this well-known problem – time-saving, effective, sustainable and get back training in perfect shape.

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Revolutionary back treatment - therapeutic expertise at the touch of a button

Discover the innovative solution to one of the most common health problems: back pain. With our technological innovation, we offer you therapeutic expertise at the touch of a button. Ideal for a broad target group, this system enables an attractive additional income through cross-selling and strengthens customer loyalty through its high level of awareness. It is an efficient, contact-free and resource-saving method that combines wellness and fitness in an attractive design and keeps its finger on the pulse of the times by expanding classic training concepts.

The highlights of the back therapy concept

Innovation for your facility

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What is the back therapy system and why does it help against back pain?

The back therapy system combines a StimaWell stimulation mat with a specially developed wooden lounger. It integrates four proven methods to combat back pain: pain therapy/application, muscle building and strengthening, heat and massage, and therefore goes beyond a conventional massage table.

What effects does the back therapy system have?

  • TENS
  • Low frequency
  • High-frequency stimulation
  • Low-frequency stimulation
  • HAN
  • Medium frequency

What is EMS?

EMS means electronic muscle stimulation. EMS is based on the body’s own principle. Every movement is triggered by a bioelectric impulse from the brain. In EMS training, this impulse is supplied from outside, causing the muscles to contract. In this way, back pain can be specifically addressed.

What is TENS?

TENS means “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation” and is a gentle variant of electrotherapy that has been used for decades in the field of pain therapy. TENS directly superimposes the pain signal in the nerve and ensures rapid pain relief. At the same time, endorphins, the body’s own happiness hormones, are released, which have a proven pain-inhibiting effect. Back and neck pain can thus be effectively counteracted.

Why does the back therapy system use heat?

The system can be heated up to 40°C, which promotes blood circulation and relaxation of the muscles, stimulates the metabolism and supports the elimination of toxins. Similar to massage chairs with heat function.

Where is the back therapy system used?

The system is used in the medical sector (doctors, physiotherapy, rehabilitation centers, etc.), in the fitness, lifestyle and spa sector (fitness studios, EMS studios, hotels, beauty and health facilities) and in companies.

Are there differences in the back therapy system?

Yes, especially in the software. Special software is available for the medical sector, while a slightly slimmed-down version is offered outside the medical sector.

Is the integrated stimulation mat a medical device?

Yes, the integrated StimaWell EMS mat is both CE and FDA certified.

What are the contraindications?

There are only a few absolute contraindications, most of which can be individually adapted in consultation with the treating physicians.

Who should use the back therapy system?

  • Acute and chronic pain and back patients
  • Patients with non-specific or specific back problems
  • People with back pain in the lower, middle or neck area
  • People seeking relaxation or who are exposed to high levels of stress
  • People with high blood pressure or low blood pressure
  • Persons with restricted mobility

The system is suitable for people of all ages without limitation.

Elektr. Kältekammer

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