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Get your professional lymphatic drainage machine, designed for both commercial and home use. Our device is programmed according to the founder of manual lymphatic drainage Dr. Vodder and offers maximum effectiveness.

100% electrical
Without personnel expenses

The suitable alternative to manual lymphatic drainage

Many physiotherapies offer manual lymph drainage as a treatment method. With the help of 24 pressure chambers, our mechanical lymphatic drainage takes over the work of the physiotherapist - without backflow into the lymphatic system. Backflow is prevented during the lymphatic massage by overlapping the pressure chambers.

Get professional lymphatic drainage at HF-Concepts

At HF-Concepts, we specialise in conceptual advice as well as high-quality products from renowned manufacturers for the healthcare market. The lymphatic drainage device is delivered directly from the manufacturer to the customer. Commissioning as well as free instruction and training of the staff are also part of our service.

Professional lymphatic drainage device for extensive results

Mechanical lymphatic drainage is a versatile application with numerous benefits for health and well-being. It can help to shorten the recovery time after injuries or physical exertion. It is also an effective method for body modelling and circumference reduction.

The technology strengthens connective tissue and improves blood circulation, which in turn promotes detoxification processes in the body. As a comfortable and efficient alternative to manual lymphatic drainage, the machine method offers the advantage of precise and even treatment.

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What distinguishes our lymphatic massage device

Manufactured in the EU and certified as a medical device, this device sets the highest standards in terms of application safety. The use of high-quality materials ensures durability and reliability in every application. In addition, individually configurable chambers provide a customised user experience. Automated programmes add to the ease of use and allow for simple and effective operation specifically tailored to the user’s needs.

Lymphatic drainage device compared to manual lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a specialised form of massage that aims to stimulate the function of the lymphatic system and promote the removal of excess fluid from the tissues. There are two main methods of lymphatic drainage: manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) and mechanical lymphatic drainage. Both methods have their own advantages, but in certain contexts, machine lymphatic drainage may be preferred over the manual method. Here are some advantages of machine lymphatic drainage compared to the manual method.

Consistency and control

Machines can apply even and controlled pressure, ensuring consistent application throughout the treatment period. This minimises the risk of human error and ensures reproducible treatment quality.


Because machine devices can often treat a larger area of the body at the same time, sessions are completed more quickly in some cases than with manual application.

Less physical strain on the therapist

When used regularly, manual lymphatic drainage can be physically demanding for the therapist. Machines take the strain off the therapist and allow them to concentrate on monitoring and adjusting the treatment.

Customisable settings

Many machine-based devices offer a range of settings that can be adjusted to the patient’s individual needs and preferences, from intensity to frequency of compression.

Potentially more comfortable for the patient

Some patients find machine lymphatic drainage less invasive and more comfortable, especially if they are sensitive to touch.

Reduced dependence on therapist skills

While qualified therapists are necessary for MLD, machine lymphatic drainage allows for a certain standardisation of treatment, independent of the therapist’s individual technique or experience.


What is mechanical lymphatic drainage?

Machine lymphatic drainage is an effective therapeutic method used to treat lymphoedema, swelling and promote lymphatic circulation. This non-invasive technique uses special equipment to apply rhythmic pressure and relaxation phases to the tissues to improve lymph flow. In this article, we will take a closer look at how machine lymphatic drainage works, its areas of application and the scientific evidence that supports its effectiveness.

Mechanical lymphatic drainage is a mechanical therapy that aims to promote lymphatic circulation and facilitate the removal of lymphatic fluid from the tissues. It is often used as a complement or alternative to manual lymphatic drainage and uses special compression devices to apply rhythmic pressure and relaxation to the tissues.

How does machine lymphatic drainage work?

During machine lymph drainage, special cuffs or sleeves are placed around the body areas to be treated. These cuffs are connected to a pump that blows air into the cuffs and then deflates them again. This alternation between compression and relaxation creates a rhythmic pressure on the tissues that stimulates the lymph flow and opens the lymph vessels. This improves lymph circulation and supports the removal of lymph fluid from the affected area.

Fields of application of mechanical lymphatic drainage

Lymphoedema and swelling: Mechanical lymphatic drainage is often used to treat lymphoedema, which is caused by a disorder of the lymphatic system and can lead to swelling of the arms or legs.

After surgical procedures: After surgery, machine lymphatic drainage can help reduce swelling and aid the healing process.

Sports injuries: For sports injuries, machine lymphatic drainage can help reduce swelling and inflammation and speed up the healing process.

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