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Diagnostic solutions

Smart diagnostics solutions for your facility.

Discover the future of your fitness and health with smart diagnostic tools – for precise body analysis.

We are experts in combining sport and science to provide you and your clients with accurate and meaningful body data that goes far beyond simple health checks.

The future of fitness and health
Sport and science
Versatile solution

Cutting-edge solutions

Whether mescan or checkpoint, with our smart diagnostic solutions we precisely measure all relevant body values to provide a 360-degree view of fitness and health data. Regular measurements are already half the way towards achieving your goals. Sustainable health can only be achieved if training, nutrition and regeneration are harmonized. Valid measurements are the basis for supporting others and leading a healthier life.


A 360-degree solution that impresses with its flexibility. Whether basic equipment or extended professional configurations - the checkpoint adapts to your needs.


Our flagship device for self-measurement provides comprehensive body data in less than a minute and is available for smart training control.

vicoach app und business software

An ecosystem that allows you to seamlessly translate the data you collect into personalised training, nutrition and recovery plans.

Precision and quality (made in Germany

Our products utilise advanced technologies such as bioelectrical impedance analysis and spiroergometry to provide accurate data on body composition and performance.

Ease of use

Both the devices and the associated apps are intuitively designed so that you and your customers can work quickly and effectively.

Data-driven training

We rely on the power of data to optimise and customise training programmes so that every trainee can effectively achieve their personal goals.

Global presence

With more than 5,000 check locations worldwide and over 100 million measurements performed, our smart diagnostic tools stand for proven reliability and trust.

Smart diagnostics

Enter the world of smart diagnostics now with our innovative solutions and help your customers lead healthier, more productive lives. Visit our website or contact our team for a personal consultation and discover how you can optimally integrate our technology into your business.

Innovation for your facility

Would you like to know whether our concepts and products can also be implemented in your company?
Let us advise you.


What are smart diagnostic tools?

Technological solutions that collect and analyze data to detect and monitor health conditions.

How do these tools help with fitness monitoring?

They continuously record data such as heart rate, activity level and sleep quality in order to optimize individual fitness plans.

Why is precise diagnostics important for sustainable health?

It enables early detection and prevention of diseases, which protects health in the long term.

What advantages do smart diagnostic tools offer in everyday life?

They provide real-time feedback and personalized data to help users achieve their health and fitness goals.

How do they improve medical care?

With accurate data, doctors, alternative practitioners or other healthcare providers can make better-informed decisions and develop customized treatment plans.

What technological advances are driving these tools?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning make it possible to recognize and interpret complex patterns in health data.

Are these tools suitable for everyone?

Many tools are designed to be user-friendly, but caution is advised for specific medical conditions.

What are the challenges of using it?

Data protection and the security of sensitive health data are key challenges.

How do users integrate these tools into their daily lives?

Many devices are wearable and integrated into everyday objects such as watches and smartphones.

What is the future of smart diagnostic tools?

Advanced sensor technology and deeper integration with medical care could enable even more precise and proactive health monitoring.

Elektr. Kältekammer

Kältekammer bis zu -110°C

IHHT Höhentrainig

Intervall-Höhenlufttraining auf Knopfdruck

Cryocab Kältekammer Stickstoff
Stickstoff Kältekammer

Cryocab Stickstoff-Kältekammer bis zu -110°C


Die moderne Art der Kryolipolyse

Red Light Therapy



Elektromagnetische Muskelstimulation

EM Shape X

Magnetische Muskelstimulation (MMS)

BIA Körperanalyse

Körperzusammensetzung in Sekundenschnelle


Lokale Kryotherapie für den ganzen Körper


Bis zu 5 Anwendungen in einem Gerät


Maschinelle Lymphdrainage nach Dr. Vodder

Dry Floating

Dry Floating Bett

Eisbad 2.0

Die trockene Alternative zum Eisbad

Regenerative Plasma Anwendung


HBOT Sauerstoffkammer

Hyperbare Sauerstoffkammer




Beauty- und Wellnessanwendung


Ganzheitliches Training für Körper und Psyche

Infrarot Trainingskammer

Bis zu 65°C Infrarottiefenwärme


Der KI Personal Trainer mit patentierter Technologie