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Purchase device for cold plasma therapy

A unique device that will enhance your studio and your clients’ lives using plasma technology.

In a world where effective health care and anti-aging are essential, Regenerative Plasma Application brings a whole new approach to improving your clients’ vitality.

Bring the innovation of plasma technology to your facility and gain exclusivity in the entire market.

Optimal regeneration
Unique plasma technology

Regenerative Cold Plasma Application - Power for the Cells

Unser Plasma-Gerät basiert auf kaltem atmosphärischem Plasma, welches eine in der Wissenschaft seit Jahrzehnten etablierte, sanfte und wirkungsvolle Regenerationstechnologie ist.

Our application generates specific, negatively charged ion plasma fields through a gentle and purely physical method. These energetically active ions are gently and inductively transmitted to users in the form of microcurrents.

The result? Neutralization of free radicals and support of the regeneration process.

With the plasma application against oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is one of the main causes of aging and loss of vitality. Caused by natural cell division or external factors such as environmental toxins and stress, it leads to the formation of harmful free radicals.

These attack cells and even DNA, which in turn leads to disease and degeneration. The regenerative plasma application effectively counteracts this process.

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Highest quality standards for excellent plasma therapy

Our regenerative plasma application is a handmade luxury product, customized and made to order. The production site is located in Northwest Germany, where over 100 individual components are assembled by highly skilled engineers to create one of the most spectacular products in the world.

Expect a unique service for an equally unique and luxurious product. A personal consultant is available to our customers for advice, guidance and support. Every device we produce goes through a five-month production period and another month of intensive testing – a clear testament to our high quality standards.

Fields of application of cold plasma therapy devices

By combating the effects of oxidative stress, the regeneration process can help strengthen the immune and nervous systems, improve skin structure and rejuvenate the entire body. The effect also has anti-aging properties by optimizing all bioenergetic processes in the body.


What exactly happens during the treatment?

During the treatment, the patient is surrounded by an electrostatic field, which gently transfers anions and electrons into and around the patient’s body through the special plasma design. The ion flow supports the body in all regenerative processes. By using applicators, specific areas of the body can be treated. During the application, the patient hears and feels a pleasant tingling sensation. Most patients fall asleep during the treatment or are in a pleasant, meditative state. After the treatment, most patients feel more vital and refreshed.

Are there any risks associated with the treatment?

Our plasma design used is a very gentle and safe procedure. The Human Regenerator has been used in hospitals and clinics for many years. After tens of thousands of treatments, there are no known side effects. Users and patients with electronic implants, such as pacemakers, implanted hearing aids or pumps must not be treated, as the plasma could interfere with electronic devices.

How much does the Human Generator Jet cost?

The Human Regenerator JET is only available in a complete specification. The purchase price is in the six-figure euro range and is determined individually depending on the country from delivery and installation costs, country customs and tax costs, and country distribution structure. Our service team will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

How does it work exactly?

Oxidative stress is responsible for the aging process and loss of vitality. It is also the cause of many known diseases. Physically, oxidative stress produces free radicals that damage cells and DNA. Physically, free radicals are incomplete, forming unpaired electrons that are missing one electron.

Active electrons are gently transferred to the user in the form of microcurrents that counteract oxidative stress in a revolutionary and effective way. In the new advanced method, the microcurrents are generated by negative ion plasma, which is gently transported by electronic induction.

Is it a medical device?

No, it’s a wellness device.

How can the cold plasma application help?

By combating the effects of oxidative stress, the regeneration process can help strengthen the immune and nervous systems, improve skin texture and rejuvenate the entire body. The effect also has anti-aging properties by optimizing all bioenergetic processes in the body.

How long does an application last?

Each session lasts half an hour. Many settings can be selected via a control menu. For example, treatment times from 10 minutes to an hour. Therefore, it can not be overexposed, as the ideal bioenergetic level can not be exceeded. Applicators on arms and legs discharge excess electrons into the ground.

Human Regenerator Jet has purely positive effects on the whole body without side effects.

Does any application have side effects?

After 4 years of extensive testing and many thousands of applications, no side effects occurred.

What does the user feel during the application?

The user feels in a meditative, relaxed state and feels a pleasant, anti-static field during the session.

Can the device be leased?

Yes, in cooperation with a strong leasing company, we also offer the possibility of leasing the device. We will be happy to make you a personal offer in this regard, designed according to your wishes.


An area of at least 3.5 x 3.5 meters is required for installation in your home. Installation is performed by our technicians who will fly to any destination in the world to install your device in the desired location. The installation is included in the price.


You will receive a warranty of 3 years. We recommend maintenance of the device every 2 years. Even after the warranty expires, our experts are at your full disposal. Expect a lifetime of unparalleled service for a unique and super-luxurious product.

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