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Negative pressure cryo application

This advanced cooling technology offers a unique method that focuses on cooling through the palms of the hands. It uses gentle negative pressure to achieve effective cooling without exposing the user to extreme temperatures.

The palms, rich in blood vessels, serve as efficient heat exchangers that enable rapid and effective heat dissipation. This makes it an ideal solution for wellness and health facilities, with business and health benefits.

100% electrical
Vacuum cooling

Innovative internal cooling

This method uses the hands as natural heat exchangers to effectively cool the body from the inside and gently lower the body's core temperature.

Key element negative pressure

The negative pressure technology enables efficient circulation of the cold in the body in order to develop the full effect of the cold application.

Scientific basis

Studies, for example by leading universities, have proven the positive effects of this cooling method on regeneration and performance enhancement.

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How the negative pressure cold application works

Although cooling is initiated from the outside, the cooling system works effectively from the inside out. During this process, the cooling effect unfolds inside the body.

The hands serve as natural heat exchangers. The blood cooled by this method is distributed over the entire body in around 60 seconds, achieving a holistic cooling effect on different areas of the body. This innovative technology results in a mild reduction in core body temperature.

Pleasant to use

Enjoy a relaxing experience that combines comfort with modern technology.

State-of-the-art technology

Control by advanced software guarantees safe and reliable use.

Uncomplicated and cozy

The application does not require any awkward preparation or removal of clothing, ensuring a comfortable experience without feeling cold.

Easy handling

Operation is intuitive and user-friendly, with no complicated mechanisms or controls.

Health & Wellness

The use of negative pressure cold application can have a positive effect on your immune system, energy levels and hormone levels.

Sports and regeneration

Cold applications have been used for years by professional and amateur athletes to support regeneration. The negative pressure cold application can be used both before and after training.

Beauty und Anti-Aging

Users report positive effects on their external appearance. Studies suggest that cold stimuli stimulate collagen production, which can provide a rejuvenated appearance.

Innovation for your facility

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How does an application work?

The application with VITUS Core Cooling® is gentle. Only the palms of the hands are cooled at a pleasant temperature in the plus range. The software-controlled ratio of cold and negative pressure circulates cooled blood in the body without the user freezing.

Is the application dangerous?

VITUS Core Cooling® is an extremely gentle cold application without medication and without side effects. You simply place your palms on two cooling surfaces and enjoy the application. A cooling cycle only takes 2 minutes.

How often should VITUS Core Cooling® be used?

A duration of 2 minutes is recommended for sporting activities. For pain, doctors recommend 5×2 minutes.

What is VITUS Core Cooling®?

VITUS Core Cooling® combines the cooling of the blood via the palms of the hands with a defined negative pressure. This allows slightly cooler blood to enter the circulation without constricting the small capillaries. The body’s natural reaction to this process ensures the desired effect.

Does VITUS Core Cooling® only work on hands and arms?

No. Although the cooling takes place on the palms of the hands, the possible effect extends over the entire body. However, general healing statements are not permissible, as cold stimuli trigger individual processes in the body.

Do I freeze during use?

No. When using VITUS Core Cooling®, users do not feel cold and the unpleasant throbbing, hot pulsating effect that is usually felt when exposed to cold does not occur.

Where did the technology originate?

Palm cooling technology originated in the 1990s from the U.S. Army, which undertook experiments to cool the hands and forearms in order to cool the body quickly in hot environments. Researchers at Stanford University developed these findings further in the early 2000s and showed that the effect is enhanced by the simultaneous application of a defined negative pressure. The negative pressure prevents the arterio-venous anastomoses from closing due to the cold, so that more blood can flow through the hand and be cooled accordingly.

Is VITUS Core Cooling suitable for everyone?

Vitus allows the user to customize the active cooling and regeneration phase based on body weight and height.

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