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Recharge Red Light Treatment - 100% Red Light, 100% Pure Beauty

Effective against wrinkles, energizer for tired skin and strong against pigmentation spots. Red light is considered a true beauty booster for flawless skin with a natural glow. This is exactly the effect that the new Recharge LightSpa uses. It looks like a solarium, but uses 100% red light and is completely UV-free.

Red light therapy
LED technology
Without personnel expenses

All advantages at a glance

Light technology face

- Spectra LED Technology: Pure Beauty (UV-free)
- UV free skin care

Light technology body

- LightSpa BEAUTY
- UV free skin care


- Silent Cooling
- Aroma fragrance
- Ergonomic lying surface
- Easy Open & Close


- Brightly illuminated display
- Ventilation adjustable in 3 steps
- Face area can be switched off


- Scandinavian White
- Handle and feet made of stained oak (FSC-certified cultivation)


- Child lock
- Hour counter
- 24 months manufacturer warranty

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What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy, also known as phototherapy or low-level laser therapy (LLLT), is a non-invasive and low-pain treatment method that has been used for many years to promote healing and relieve pain. In recent years, this form of therapy has become increasingly popular, as it offers versatile applications in medicine, sports medicine and aesthetic medicine. This article examines how red light therapy works, its applications, and the scientific evidence supporting its effectiveness.

Red light therapy uses low-energy red or infrared light waves to penetrate tissue and trigger targeted biological responses there. The form of therapy is based on the idea that light stimulates mitochondria in cells, leading to increased production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This process can improve cell function and help accelerate healing and relieve pain.

How does red light therapy work?

Red light therapy works at the cellular level by increasing blood flow and metabolism in the treated tissues. The increased ATP production promotes regeneration and repair of damaged cells and tissues. In addition, red light has an anti-inflammatory effect by reducing the release of pro-inflammatory substances and regulating the local immune response.

Fields of application of red light therapy

Pain relief: Red light therapy can be used to relieve acute and chronic pain, including muscle and joint pain, arthritis, back pain and sports injuries.

Wound Healing and Tissue Repair: Promoting cell regeneration and blood flow through red light therapy can accelerate wound healing and help repair injured tissue.

Anti-inflammatory: The anti-inflammatory effect of red light therapy can be beneficial for inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and tendonitis.

Aesthetic applications: In aesthetic medicine, red light therapy is used for skin rejuvenation, acne treatment and reduction of scars.

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