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Bring the unique experience for all senses into your facility – with Dry Floating. The innovative “dry” further development of traditional floating therapy, which is sometimes considered the most effective method of combating stress, relieves the central nervous system of any external stimuli. Thus, the mind can unfold its full potential while the body relaxes completely.

Dry Floating
Patented technology
Optimal regeneration

Dry Floating in the water

The nasal inhalation system enables a direct and efficient absorption of molecular hydrogen, whereby harmful free radicals in the body can be neutralised in a targeted manner.

Scientifically proven

Molecular hydrogen is characterised by its ability to quickly penetrate tissues and cells. This makes the therapy uniquely effective in binding radicals.

Developed by leading experts

The therapy is suitable both for peak athletic performance and for promoting mental well-being, which means it can be used in a wide variety of areas of life.

Innovative and patented Dry Floating

“Imagine a unique and innovative solution – scientifically proven and easy to use – that enables athletes to quickly regenerate body and mind and provides you with a new revenue stream.”

The innovative and patented system of our Dry Floating Bed offers exactly that. It is an effective and flexible method for Dry Floating therapy and is the result of extensive scientific research on the benefits of floating in water: dressed and without getting wet, the body floats on more than 400 liters of warm water.

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Professional sports clubs and other clients from all over the world, rely on Dry Floating - what are you waiting for?

Professional sports clubs know that their athletes can only perform with optimal relaxation of body and mind. That is why they rely on the unique Dry Floating technology.

Offer your customers, members and employees exactly the same regeneration and relaxation in your facility.

The Alabama Crimson Tide Team's Dry Floating Experience.

Dry Floating-therapy

Dry Floating Therapy uses the benefits of floating to re-energise the body and mind in a simple, versatile way that is suitable for everyone. We offer the only system in the world that takes advantage of gravity reduction. This technological innovation is at the service of regenerative well-being and has positive effects on: stress, muscle and joint pain, sleep, concentration, psychophysical recovery.

Our aim is to introduce the regenerative power of Dry Floating therapy in sports, business, medicine, the hotel industry and, more generally, in all those areas where individual health, psychophysical recovery and mental well-being are considered crucial factors. Thanks to its easy handling, our Dry Floating bed fits perfectly into the respective premises. Our experts will also be happy to advise you on the best application protocols to ensure that Dry Floating therapy responds effectively to your needs.

Quick and noticeable success thanks to dry floating

Dry Floating is suitable for everyone and already a 10-minute treatment leads to noticeable success. Thanks to a unique, patented system, users float weightlessly on 400 litres of warm water.

Body and mind experience an unforgettable relaxation experience, surrounded by warmth, pleasant light and a gentle massage of the lumbar region.

Innovation for your facility

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What is Dry Floating?

Dry Floating, also known as dry floating or floating without water, is an innovative relaxation method that offers the body and mind a unique experience of weightlessness. During this non-invasive treatment, the body floats on a special lounger above a layer of heated air, creating a feeling of weightlessness and deep relaxation.

Dry Floating is a relaxing treatment method in which the body rests on a special lounger floating above a thin layer of heated air. This layer of air creates a feeling of weightlessness, similar to floating in a pool of water. The process of floating without water allows for deep relaxation and stress reduction.

How does Dry Floating work?

The Dry Floating lounger uses a special technology to allow the body to float slightly above the air layer. The lounger is equipped with a ventilation system that creates a controlled air flow that keeps the body suspended. The feeling of weightlessness allows muscles and joints to relax while the mind is at rest.

What can Dry Floating be used for?

Stress reduction and relaxation: Dry floating can help to reduce stress and achieve deep relaxation. Weightlessness promotes the release of endorphins and can thus contribute to an increased sense of well-being.

Muscle relaxation: The weightlessness of dry floating allows for muscle relief and can bring relief from tension and muscular discomfort.

Meditative experience: The feeling of weightlessness and tranquillity during dry floating can lead to a meditative experience and thus promote mental relaxation.

Is dry floating safe and effective?

Yes, Dry Floating is considered a safe and effective method of relaxation and stress relief. It is a non-invasive treatment and has no known risks or side effects.

How long does a Dry Floating session last?

A Dry Floating session usually lasts around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on individual preferences and the relaxation programme chosen.

Are the results long term?

The results of Dry Floating are usually temporary and depend on how well you integrate relaxation and stress reduction into your everyday life.

Are there any special requirements or restrictions for participation?

In general, Dry Floating is safe and accessible for most people. However, people with specific health concerns, such as pregnant women or people with certain medical conditions, should consult a specialist beforehand.

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