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Vacuum application

Don’t miss the trend of vacuum therapy in beauty and wellness. The innovative technology, which was once only available in highly specialised clinics, is now available for spas, beauty centres and even home use.

The clinically proven negative pressure wave therapy combined with the benefits of compression treatment makes vacuum application a unique experience for all users.

Negative pressure wave therapy
Lymphatic drainage
Muscle formation


Lymphatic drainage, circulation stimulation, detox, anti-cellulite, tissue tightening


Lymph drainage, detoxification, decongestion, reduction of swellings

Vascular dilation

Circulation promotion, vein training, lymph drainage, especially for stressed feet and legs

Vitality & Wellness

Lymphatic drainage, blood circulation promotion, venous decongestion, relaxation, NO release (nitric oxide)

Inspire your customers with space technology

In space, zero gravity causes medical complications for astronauts. Without the force of gravity, the heart is too weak to pump blood and oxygen to the tips of the feet.

The solution: a negative pressure device for the lower half of the body. The procedure was developed by NASA together with the DLR (German Aerospace Center). Without the “negative pressure tube”, manned space travel is not possible. Weyergans High Care AG is a research partner and spin-off of DLR.

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Three applications in one

With the three-in-one competence of vacuum therapy, compression and photo-biostimulation (Beautylight), the vacuum application was recently introduced to the public. This offers you and your institute the chance to be perceived as a leader in full-body cosmetics, figure and health care. With space technology! Position yourself in the competition and profit from the very beginning.

Versatility of application

Vacuum therapy offers a wide range of applications, from skin tightening and cellulite control to improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. This versatility has made it a popular choice for clients looking for comprehensive treatment options.

Non-invasive alternative

At a time when consumers are becoming more conscious and looking for less invasive beauty treatments, vacuum therapy offers a gentle, non-surgical way to improve skin texture and body contours.

Immediate results

Many users report immediate visible results after just one treatment, making vacuum therapy particularly appealing to those looking for quick fixes.


Thanks to the advancement of technology, vacuum treatments can now be adapted to specific needs and preferences, be it through the intensity of the vacuum, the combination with other therapies or the duration of the session.

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What are vacuum applications?

Vacuum applications, also known as negative pressure therapy or vacuum therapy, are a versatile medical treatment method that is becoming increasingly important. This non-invasive therapy uses vacuum technology to stimulate tissue, promote blood flow and speed up the healing process. In this article, we will take a closer look at how vacuum applications work, their areas of application and the scientific evidence that supports their effectiveness.

Vacuum applications are medical treatments in which a controlled negative pressure is applied to the tissue being treated. This therapy can be delivered through specialised vacuum pumps or devices and aims to improve blood flow, stimulate tissue and promote healing.

How vacuum applications work

During vacuum therapy, a special vacuum device is placed on the skin or injured tissue. By creating a controlled negative pressure, the surrounding tissue is slightly lifted, which improves the blood flow in the region and stimulates the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis). This supports the healing process and promotes tissue regeneration.

Areas of application for vacuum applications

Wound healing: Vacuum applications are often used to treat chronic wounds, such as pressure ulcers or open leg wounds, as they promote blood circulation and cell regeneration.

Orthopaedic rehabilitation: In orthopaedics, vacuum applications can be used to improve muscle function and reduce swelling after injury or surgery.

Aesthetic medicine: Vacuum therapy can also be used in aesthetic medicine to improve skin texture, reduce cellulite and minimise the appearance of scars.

Is vacuum therapy safe and effective?

Yes, vacuum applications are considered a safe and effective medical treatment method to promote wound healing and rehabilitation after injury or surgery.

How long does a vacuum application last?

The duration of a vacuum application can vary depending on the condition being treated. Generally, treatment sessions last about 20 to 60 minutes.

How often should vacuum treatments be performed?

The frequency and duration of vacuum applications will depend on the type and severity of the condition. Usually, several treatments over a period of a few weeks are recommended to achieve optimal results.

Are there any side effects?

The vacuum treatments are usually well tolerated and have few side effects. Possible side effects may include skin irritation or mild pain in the treated area, which is usually temporary.

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