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Our electric cryo chamber brings the next generation of cold application to your facility. Help your customers revitalize their bodies and increase their overall well-being. Set yourself apart from your competition now and enter the age of biohacking and innovative applications.

Up to -110°C evaporator temperature
100% electrical
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Cryotherapy down to -110°C evaporator temperature completely electric - without nitrogen

Our cryo chamber can be placed in any facility, because the unique technology makes it possible to install the cryo chamber without any remodeling.

Low power consumption thanks to innovative technology

In the basic version, our electric cryo chamber convinces with a low power consumption of 3.5 kWh.

Highest safety
for cryotherapy

Offer cryotherapy with the highest safety standards through a humidity indicator, temperature control and electrical-only application.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Unlike nitrogen cryosaunas, our electric cryo chamber offers your clients the opportunity to experience whole-body cryotherapy.

Also, in direct comparison with other electric refrigeration chamber does not require a multi-chamber system, which is associated with enormous costs and reconstruction.

Cryo chamber as a visual highlight

The unique and futuristic design makes our electric cryo chamber a real highlight in any facility, automatically attracting the interest of customers.

Intuitive and easy operation

The user-friendly software offers you wide-ranging possibilities, but is characterized by intuitive and simple usability.

Discover our electric cryo chamber

Surely -110°C can’t be healthy for the human body? On the contrary, during the whole-body cryotherapy treatment, the user is exposed to low temperatures of up to -110 °C (vaporization temperature) for 3 minutes. The positive effects are used in a wide range of applications.

Health & Wellness

Use in the cryo chamber can have positive effects on the immune system, skin diseases and migraines. Increased energy levels and improved mood due to happy hormones have also been noted.

Sports and regeneration

Cryotherapy has been used for years by professional and amateur athletes to improve regeneration. The cold chamber can be used both before and after training.

Diet support

Extreme cold stimuli can increase calorie consumption in the short term and increase basal metabolic rate in the long term. Therefore, the whole body cold application is also often used by people in diet support.

Pain application

Many users report reduced pain and increased mobility after using the cold chamber. Among other things, due to the stimulation of the removal of waste products, the reduction of tension and the stimulation of the hormonal and immune system.

Beauty und Anti-Aging

Users report positive effects on their external appearance. Studies suggest that cold stimuli stimulate collagen production, which can provide a rejuvenated appearance.

Electric cold chamber as a business model

The use of cold chambers or the use of cryotherapy has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Daily facility from wellness, fitness and health integrate electric cold chamber due to business opportunities. Don’t miss the chance to benefit from cryotherapy in your facility.

Gyms and wellness centers

More and more gyms and wellness centers are recognizing the business opportunities offered by an electric cold chamber and are thus integrating it into their service portfolio.

Sports and performance enhancement

Athletes and sportsmen from all fields use cold chambers for their positive effect before and after training.

Medical facilities

In medical facilities, electric cold chambers lend themselves to supporting certain medical treatments. However, the use of cold chambers in medicine requires careful supervision and medical guidance.

Cryo chamber studios

Due to the great popularity of cryotherapy at temperatures as low as -110°C (evaporator temperature), new cryotherapy studios are opening in both large and small towns to meet the market demand for cryotherapy.

Difference electric cryo chamber and nitrogen cryosauna

Electric cryo chambers have proven to be more beneficial than nitrogen chambers in many ways when it comes to cold applications to promote health and wellness. Both technologies use extreme cold to provide a variety of health benefits, but there are some important differences between them that can make electric cryo chambers a more attractive option.

Safety and comfort

Electric cold chambers use electric cooling systems to regulate the temperature. In contrast, nitrogen chambers rely on the use of liquid nitrogen, which is evaporated in vapor form to produce cold. Handling liquid nitrogen requires special training and care to minimize potential hazards. Electric refrigeration chambers are generally safer and easier to operate, resulting in a higher level of comfort and confidence for users.

Uniform temperature control

Electric cold chambers allow precise control of cold exposure and temperature. This results in a more even distribution of cold around the body, allowing for more effective application. Nitrogen chambers, on the other hand, can have variations in temperature and distribution of cold, which can lead to different results.

Energy efficiency and environmental friendliness

Electric cold chambers use advanced cooling technologies, which are often more energy efficient and use fewer resources. In contrast, the production and handling of liquid nitrogen can be environmentally harmful. Electric cold chambers fit better into sustainable healthcare practices and are more environmentally friendly.


Electric cold chambers allow precise adjustment of temperature and cold exposure time to meet individual user needs and tolerances. This is especially important since not everyone tolerates the same cold intensity. Nitrogen chambers may offer less flexibility in adjusting cold application.

Comfort and experience

Electric cold chambers are often more spacious and offer users more freedom of movement during application. This contributes to users feeling less restricted and finding the cold application more enjoyable.

Innovation for your facility

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What is a cryo chamber?

The science behind cryo chamber applications: health benefits and research findings.
Cryo applications have been around for centuries and have been used to relieve pain and promote wellness. However, in recent decades, research has advanced greatly to show that cryo applications in special cryo chambers can provide numerous health benefits. This article explores the science behind cold chamber applications and provides information from recent studies and sources.
A so-called cryo sauna is a special room or cabin that is cooled to extremely low temperatures, often by liquid nitrogen or cold air. The temperature commonly used in cryo chambers is between -110°C and -160°C. Visitors usually stay in the chamber only for a short time (usually a few minutes), and this is done under constant supervision.

How does a cryo chamber work?

Anti-inflammation and pain relief: studies have shown that cryo applications can reduce inflammation in the body. The low temperatures cause blood vessels to contract, resulting in less blood flow to inflamed areas, which can decrease swelling and pain.

Accelerated recovery after exercise: athletes often use cryo chambers to speed up their recovery. The cold application reduces muscle inflammation and damage, which can lead to faster recovery.

Strengthening the immune system: some research suggests that cryo applications can stimulate the production of white blood cells and immune cells, which can strengthen the immune system and improve defenses.

Health risks and safety

Although cryo chamber applications offer many potential benefits, they should not be performed by every person. People with certain medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, Raynaud’s syndrome and other medical problems should avoid cold applications or consult a physician beforehand. It is critical that cryo chambers be supervised by trained professionals to ensure the safety of visitors.

Why buy a cryo chamber?

Cryo chamber applications can be a promising and innovative way to alleviate various health problems and promote overall well-being. Research in this area is still relatively new, but it suggests that cold applications can be an effective adjunct to other therapeutic interventions.

Are there any risks or side effects associated with cryo chambers?

Treatment in an electric cryo chamber is generally safe as long as it is performed under medical supervision and patients follow recommended safety precautions. Possible side effects may include temporary skin irritation, dizziness, mild nausea or sensitivity to cold. However, people with certain health conditions such as heart problems, cold intolerance or neurological disorders should avoid the treatment.

How often should one go to the cryo chamber?

The frequency of treatments can vary depending on the individual condition and goal. As a rule, treatments are performed more frequently in the beginning, about every few days, to achieve optimal results. After that, the frequency can be reduced. It is recommended to talk to a doctor before starting treatments to make an appropriate treatment plan.

For whom is the cryo chamber not suitable?

People with certain health conditions should avoid treatment in an electric cryo chamber. These include people with uncontrolled high blood pressure, heart problems, Raynaud’s syndrome, cold intolerance, pregnancy, severe neurological diseases and open wounds.

Are there alternative cryotherapy methods?

Yes, there are other forms of cryotherapy, including local cold applications such as ice baths, cold patches or ice applications on specific areas of the body. These are less intense than treatment in a cold chamber and can be used for targeted pain relief or anti-inflammation.

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