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hypoxbreath® start-up

We receive many inquiries about the hypoxbreath® system. It is in our interest to make your work with our IHHT/IHT system as successful as possible and to optimize it.

Below you will find our video tutorials on how to use and handle the hypoxbreath®.

We are constantly updating this series of topics. Please visit us regularly to stay up to date.

Maintenance & repair of your IHT device

We recommend observing the following maintenance intervals for all IHHT/ IHT devices from Telmed GmbH:

Minor maintenance

Major maintenance

Important note:

Worn, defective and inadequately maintained medical devices can not only lead to restrictions in the quality of treatment and patient care, but can also cause damage to health for which the manufacturer accepts no liability.
The appliance warranty requires proof of proper maintenance of the appliance!

Malfunctions and failures can be avoided

Regular maintenance of our IHHT/IHT appliances is a basic prerequisite for perfect functionality as well as for long value retention and service life, even beyond the warranty period. Therefore, do not wait until malfunctions occur.

You can reach us

You can reach us by telephone from Monday to Friday from 08 to 18 o’clock under: +49 511 / 64 71 12 24

Or send us an e-mail (we will get back to you as soon as possible):

Please always quote the serial number of your hypoxbreath® device when requesting service so that we can process your request quickly!

Elektr. Kältekammer

Kältekammer bis zu -110°C

IHHT Höhentrainig

Intervall-Höhenlufttraining auf Knopfdruck

Cryocab Kältekammer Stickstoff
Stickstoff Kältekammer

Cryocab Stickstoff-Kältekammer bis zu -110°C


Die moderne Art der Kryolipolyse

Red Light Therapy



Elektromagnetische Muskelstimulation

EM Shape X

Magnetische Muskelstimulation (MMS)

BIA Körperanalyse

Körperzusammensetzung in Sekundenschnelle


Lokale Kryotherapie für den ganzen Körper


Bis zu 5 Anwendungen in einem Gerät


Maschinelle Lymphdrainage nach Dr. Vodder

Dry Floating

Dry Floating Bett

Eisbad 2.0

Die trockene Alternative zum Eisbad

Regenerative Plasma Anwendung


HBOT Sauerstoffkammer

Hyperbare Sauerstoffkammer




Beauty- und Wellnessanwendung


Ganzheitliches Training für Körper und Psyche

Infrarot Trainingskammer

Bis zu 65°C Infrarottiefenwärme


Der KI Personal Trainer mit patentierter Technologie