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BEWEI is a further development for the beauty and wellness sector from medical arthrosis therapy.
BEWEI can beautify the body and face of women and men, and help them gain a new sense of vitality. The pleasant thing about the application is that it is done fully clothed.
The BEWEI application consists of a body analysis (1), the radiofrequency treatment with the BEWEI couch (2) and a final mechanical lymphatic drainage (3).

3 in 1 concept
Versatile use
For man and woman

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Beauty and wellness are among the major megatrends of the 21st century. A healthy, vital appearance, beautiful skin and a toned body silhouette provide every person – man or woman – with more self-confidence and energy. The innovative BEWEI VITALITY CONCEPT offers the possibility to shape body and face – without stress, simply and effectively. Many satisfied customers in over 180 BEWEI LOUNGES in Europe and Asia are now enthusiastic fans of BEWEI. Experience the unique world of BEWEI and become active – against the traces of time.

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Already 180 sites rely on the power of the Bewei

Our customers show that the Bewei vitality concept works – already 180 locations rely on the benefits of Bewei products and generate new customers as a result.

The BEWEI Vitality Concept – a system for metabolic activation, skin smoothing and rejuvenation – is an attractive additional offer for patients who prefer non-invasive treatments without excessive costs! In a BEWEI LOUNGE, for example, up to three patients can be treated at the same time with just one employee! BEWEI – also known for radiofrequency therapy is a further development from medical arthrosis therapy, whose frequency range has now been proven for over 40 years.

Bewei body

The radiofrequency treatment takes place clothed and relaxed on a comfortable couch. Upon request, the couch also offers a pleasant back massage.

The BEWEI applicators, one built into the couch, the other three for legs and abdomen – transmit gentle electromagnetic waves. A slight warmth is produced, which helps to stimulate the metabolic process and blood circulation, visibly improving the appearance of the skin.

Bewei Face

BEWEI FACE is the trend treatment in the field of non-invasive aesthetic treatments specifically targeting the face. The skin often looks visibly more vital and radiant after the first treatment. In addition to the face, BEWEI FACE can also be used for the décolleté, hands and other problem areas.

Bewei Hands

Also in the beauty field, the cold application finds many benefits such as a possible increase in collagen production, which provides a firm skin. Finally, the power of cold can release in the user happy hormones that reduce stress and lift mood.

Bewei for your business

Thanks to the low power consumption and the unique specifications, even at low utilization, high efficiency can be achieved. Because the Powercab runs solely on electricity, your company’s bottom line increases with each customer application.

Innovation for your facility

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