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EM Shape X

Sports, a healthy diet and a healthy work-life balance are important components of our lives. Body shaping has become an important area in apparative cosmetics, in the fitness sector as well as in the wellness sector. The dream of a healthy and perfect body is becoming more and more important. EMShapeX® is a new innovative system for muscle building and fat loss that helps our clients achieve this dream. Fast and efficient!

Magnetic wave system
Fat reduction
Muscle formation

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This not-yet-so-well-known technology was only introduced in the U.S. in 2018 and has been enjoying a huge, ever-increasing popularity ever since. Unlike already known devices for muscle formation, this method uses electromagnetic pulses that stimulate the entire muscle through supermaximal contractions. In the gym, such a workout would not even be physically possible – sit-ups only use about 40 percent of the muscle; EMShapeX® up to 100 %. It also helps the body burn up to 19% of surrounding fat and build up to 16% muscle volume. The technique uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy and has been carefully tested for efficacy and safety in seven independent studies in the United States.

How EM Shape works

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Application with EM Shape X

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How does the treatment proceed?

The customer lies relaxed on a cosmetic couch during the treatment. The flat pulse generator of the EMShapeX® is strapped around the area to be treated, for example the abdomen, and the intensity is set, ideally to 100 percent. The effect manifests itself as short, strong and fast contractions that train the muscle highly effectively within the next 20 to 30 minutes at the most. The treatment is not considered painful by most clients, but it does require a little getting used to in the beginning. Therefore, the intensity should not be set directly to 100 percent in the beginning, but should be intensified gradually. However, most clients get used to the feeling of the treatment very quickly. EMShapeX® is perfect for short and intensive training of muscles during lunch break or right after work.

Before treatment

After treatment

The results speak for themselves

New now!

EM Chair X

The EMChairX® device produces deep pelvic floor stimulation, restoring neuromuscular control.

The EMChairX® is specially designed for training the pelvic floor muscles. The muscles are moved by special magnetic waves in a high frequency, which leads to a strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles. During the sessions, approximately 20ʼ000 high-frequency and optimal contractions are induced in the pelvic floor. The energy induces nearly 20ʼ000 supramaximal muscle contractions per session. In other words, a training that cannot be realized in this way in everyday life.

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Theprograms speciallydeveloped for the EMChairX® move the muscles in a targeted manner and strengthen them in a short time . The magnetic fields causereactionsin the body, which canthen in turnpositively influencevarious chemical and physical body processes.

The treatment improves the absorption capacity of the body cells for various substances, as well as the removal of metabolic products and waste products. In addition, the procedure increases the oxygen content in the tissue, whereby the cells not only receive more oxygen, but can also use it better.

Get your customers the shape they want faster and safer

Unlike surgical body lifting, EMShapeX® does not involve downtime or anesthesia risks. Due to the use of the innovative applicator, no incisions are necessary, so there are no scars. The treatment does not require any particular preparation or follow-up.

For an effective result of the EMShapeX® treatment, four sessions at intervals of two to three days are usually necessary – at least. 48 hours are mandatory in between. Already four to six weeks after the last session, you can enjoy the effect of the treatment, which increases over the next few weeks.

Non invasive

The non-invasive procedure not only burns unwanted fat deposits, but also builds muscle at the same time.

Tightening of the body possible

The non-invasive procedure allows for tightening of the gluteal muscles.

Without waste

There are no consumables and you do not need to be present during the treatment.

Fast results

Already after 2 weeks and 4 treatments you will see and feel significant results.

The unique weight loss and muscle building methods for man and woman

EM Shape X is ideal for both women and men. The flat pulse generators can stimulate the muscles highly effectively.

Lucrative business

The EM Shape X can be easily placed in any healthcare facility to generate additional revenue. The unique technology allows you to serve your existing customers, but also to attract new customers or to build another self-pay area.

Innovation for your facility

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